iisPROTECT Password Protection

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Works WithIIS 5, IIS 5.1, IIS 6
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Updated onFebruary 5, 2009
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In 2001, after years of development, we released a high end authentication and password management system, iisPROTECT. This ISAPI filter based authentication system has seen extensive commercial use in thousands of sites throughout the world and continues to be enhanced.


iisPROTECT is a high performance user authentication, password protection and member system.  A complete turn key solution which requires no programming or scripting and is fully functional within 5 minutes!
  • Protect all types of files not just ASP scripts .gif .jpg .htm .zip .pdf .mdb .anything!
  • Users / groups / authentication Independent from NT users
  • Users and groups stored in a database backend with high performance access via native OLEDB.
  • Supports Access and SQL server for high end membership systems
  • No limit to the number of groups and users.  Users can belong to 1 or more groups.
  • Does NOT require cookies, can optionally use cookies and custom login forms
  • Cluster and web farm ready multiple web servers running iisPROTECT can use a common database of users
  • Specifically designed for ISP and WPP environments with multiple independent sites on a given server.  Each site has its own admin and server administrators can remotely administer iisPROTECT asp.
  • Supports dedicated IP and host header sites (multiple sites on a single IP address)
  • Auto login users based on criteria including IP, domain, useragent and referrer including wildcard support.  e.g add your intranet systems so you don't need to login from the office but outside internet users must still login
  • Filter users based on their IP, domain, useragent and referrer and present a custom error or HTML if the filter criteria is met. e.g. redirect specific browser version to a download page, ban links from a given site etc.
  • Set session length on a per site basis
  • Tie into existing databases without migrating existing data or maintaining separate database.  
  • log to event log / text file.  Site logs are specific to each site.
  • Redirect or return custom errors for account expired or account inactive conditions
  • disable accounts through the web interface with a simple selection without deleting the user
  • Configure access restrictions on any specific file, an entire directory or a directory and all subdirectories and files within it
  • Web administration is dynamically generated from the database.  If you add new fields you can add information to them without any programming or scripting
  • Complete web administrations allows for viewing, updating, adding, deleting users / groups / access
  • Easily page through user / group listings: with all entries, show only options starting with a letter of the alphabet or search for any specific criteria.
  • Powerful search facility works with any custom fields you may add automatically with no changes needed.  The same is true for email selection criteria and data fields.
  • Drill down on any user / group from any listing to view or modify information
  • Email any selection of users through the web interface. e.g. email all users that are set to expire within 1 week a special offer to extend their membership
  • Disable users without deleting them
  • Access the current logged in user at any time for personalization / customization of the site
  • Email functionality: Send email to any selected users using full search criteria.
  • Script level add user functionality for automated addition of users and integration with payment / signup services.
  • User Password reminder: Users can request a password reminder by entering their userid.  If they have a valid email address on record their password will be mailed to them.
  • User Change Password: Users can change their own password through a web interface by providing their username, old password, new password, and new password confirmation.


Protects all content without modifying content.  Automated installation and web interface.  For complete details see features.


Windows with IIS 5.0, 5.1 or 6.0.