Experience IIS Smooth Streaming

The Silverlight browser plug-in allows you to see the IIS Smooth Streaming player on this page. (If Silverlight is not installed, please install it when prompted.) If the Internet bandwidth and video rendering capability on your playback device are sufficiently high, you'll experience high-definition video playback of the sample content. You will also be able to simulate end user experiences under varying conditions by simulating drops and recoveries in bandwidth. If your actual bandwidth is below 3 Mbps, or your playback device is video-challenged, then you will experience the adaptive nature of Smooth Streaming without needing to simulate a bandwidth cap. If you have high bandwidth and modern hardware, you might also try the 1080p page.

Light Tip: Try the demo below, which helps demonstrate how IIS Smooth Streaming works. Then, try the new IIS Smooth Streaming Showcase, which shows a multiple-camera-angle player, live streaming, and iPhone streaming in action.

User Interface Key

Bit Rate Bar The Now DownLoading Bitrate bar (top-right) displays the network connection's current throughput.

Limit Bit Rate Slider The Limit Max Bitrate slider bar (top-right) allows you to emulate lower bandwidths, so that you can see how Smooth Streaming adapts to varying network conditions.

Frames Per Second The top-left graph displays the frames per second are being rendered, which is a reflection of both network throughput and local CPU conditions.

Bit Rate Graph The lower left graph displays the available video bit rates, with the red line indicating the currently playing bit rate.

Smooth Streaming Demo

Install Silverlight