IIS Media Services, an integrated media delivery platform...

IIS Media Services, an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform, delivers true HD (720p+) live and on-demand streaming, DVR functionality, and real-time analytics support to computers, TVs, and mobile devices. By offering a complete multi-format media delivery platform and a proven web server, highly immersive websites can now be managed from a single web platform: IIS. Install IIS Media Services 4 now...

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IIS Media Services


Live and on-demand Smooth Streaming, part of IIS Media Services, enables highly-scalable adaptive streaming of HD content and live events. Since it was introduced, customers worldwide have used it to create compelling video experiences. Here are just a few highlights…


Playing On-Demand

Smooth Streaming enables uninterrupted streaming to Silverlight and other clients via HTTP, up to true HD (720p+). The quality level for each user seamlessly shifts as needed to adapt to changing bandwidth and playback conditions.


Measure and then monetize your IIS-delivered media experiences with customizable client and server data, and share that information in real-time with a third-party analytics service, using Advanced Logging.

Convert with Ease

Whether you need to convert either full media libraries or a steady flow of incoming files, let Transform Manager automate the job submission, scheduling, management, media transcoding, and encryption.

Perfect Control

Server-based Web Playlists enables you to protect, personalize, and monetize your progressively downloaded media assets across multiple media formats.

Playing Live

Live Smooth Streaming provides massive scalability, full DVR controls, and extended engagement times for PCs, Macs, set-top boxes, and mobile devices – including support for Apple devices.

scale to the edge

Users have a better experience when your web and media content is close to them, so use Application Request Routing on your edge servers to provide proxying and disk-based edge caching.

progressive downloads

Bit Rate Throttling increases scalability for progressive downloads while reducing bandwidth costs by intelligently detecting and metering media files.


While you can use Microsoft technologies to build a complete end-to-end solution on your own, sometimes working with one or more partners can help you achieve your goals more easily and quickly. Below, you will find a set of partners that have announced products or services that support IIS Media Services, including IIS Smooth Streaming. Click on a partner name to learn more.