Managing Performance Settings

Improving Performance with Native Output Caching


IIS Team

Dramatically reduce Web application response time by leveraging native HttpCacheModule in IIS that stores all application outputs in Kernel mode cache. This tutorial covers enabling and configuring...

Using WSRM to manage IIS 7 AppPool CPU Utilization


Walter Oliver

Introduction In the past administrators used CPULimit Metabase Property in IIS to configure the maximum percentage of CPU time that the worker processes in an application pool are allowed to consum...

Walkthrough: IIS 7.0 Output Caching


Saad Ladki

Web content can be divided into two categories: static content and dynamic content. Static content does not change from request to request. The content that gets returned to the web browser is alwa...

Configure IIS 7 Output Caching


Tali Smith

Internet Information Services (IIS) includes an output cache feature that can cache dynamic PHP content (or output from your Microsoft ® ASP.NET or classic ASP, or other dynamic pages) in memory. T...

Use Bit Rate Throttling


Tali Smith

The Bit Rate Throttling extension for Internet Information Services (IIS) provides the ability to throttle progressive downloads of media files (in which audio/video playback starts as soon as suff...