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Administration Pack

WindowsThis is a Supported Download   |   Works With: IIS 7


The IIS 7.0 Administration Pack adds to the set of management features that ship with IIS 7.0 to include Administration UI support for ASP.NET authorization, custom errors, FastCGI configuration, Request Filtering and much more. The Administration Pack also provides a generic configuration editor, capable of setting any IIS 7.0 configuration setting and automatically generating scripts to make the task easily repeatable.

Manage additional features with IIS Manager UI Extensions

The IIS Administration Pack user interface (UI) extensions allow administrators to more easily configure settings in IIS Manager for features previously manageable only through script or by direct editing of configuration files. Specifically, the UI extensions enable IIS Manager users to edit FastCGI settings, such as creating new file handlers; modify ASP.NET authorization and custom error settings; and set up rules for HTTP request filtering.

Manage your configuration files with the Configuration Editor

Configuration Editor allows you to use IIS Manager to make changes to any section, attribute, element, or collection in IIS configuration files, while providing the ability to control modifications to configuration files by placing or removing locks. To help automate configuration tasks, Configuration Editor also gives administrators the ability to generate scripts based on the actions taken in Configuration Editor.

Configuration Manager Features

  • View and modify settings defined by the configuration schema
  • Generate code to automate tasks using managed code, JavaScript, or the Command Line
  • Quickly perform scoped searches of the configuration system for all the sections and where they are being used

IIS Manager UI Extensions Features

  • FastCGI user interface for managing settings and tasks such as adding a new file handler
  • ASP.NET user interface to manage authorization and custom errors settings for ASP.NET applications
  • HTTP Request Filtering user interface to define rules to help protect Web applications by rejecting HTTP requests whose syntax contains potentially dangerous content such as double-encoding or non-ASCII characters

Download Administration Pack 1.0