IISR Statistics 32 bits

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Works WithIIS 7, IIS 7.5
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Updated onSeptember 7, 2011
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IISR - IIS Request, is a system for collecting, storing, maintaining and presenting statistical data from Microsoft IIS web servers. It Collects all statistics Automaticly. No need for Tagging html pages. No need for Logfiles. Collects data for new sites added. Automaticly! Tracking of visitors are done with cookies inserted from the server. Data, including performance data, are collected in the IIS pipeline, listening to all events. The data is stored by the Spooler thread, ensuring a not measureable impact on the request response time. The frontend provides profiles for access to site data for users and administrators. The Modules are installed without any interruption to the web server operation, and they are active also for new sites created. The server can insert code into responses, making client side parameters available as well.


  • Collect information on every request coming to the server. It can collect all information related to the request, such as header values, url, query parameters, loading time, AppPool, SiteId, etc. For a complete list, see the extended database description.
  • Store the collected information in the embedded database. The database is created during setup, there are no system requirements. The database is compact and stores information in a space efficient way. The database structure is open, and can be accessed by any clients, for reading.
  • The sessions are uniquely identified, by means of an automatic issued session identifier, a cookie. The session identifer makes it easy to count visitors, visits and hits, unlike in other server side systems. The session cookie id makes it easy to present data. The session cookies can be configured per siteid.
  • Insert client-side script code into the response returned to the client. The code to be inserted is configured from the front-end, select a client side dom variable, and that value will be collected and stored in the database. The javascript to be inserted are stored in files, the files can be edited for complete control of the script code. Initially all sites will be configured to collect screenheight and screenwidth (JavaScriptVar="screen.width" and "screen.height"). The collected information can be shown in the front-end (IISRWebApp).
  • This means, that it can collect all data from Client side AND Server side. And it can be done automatic.
  • Collect information from new sites, as they are added. There are no need to tag the pages.
  • Easy install and uninstaller included in the setup. Install takes 1 minute, and will setup the full system.
  • A scheduler will backup and delete old files and data. The scheduler can be configured.
  • A front end is included, for showing data, and configure the server modules. It can show graphs, grids, tables etc in a user friendly format. Data can be exported to excel and printed. The front-end is an asp.net web application. The source code for the application is available for customers.
  • Supports Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008 R2 Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista. For IIS 7 and 7.5. 32 and 64 bit versions are supported.


  • Collects all statistics Automaticly. No need for Tagging html pages. No need for Logfiles.
  • Collects statistics from client and server side.
  • Can show data in near-realtime.
  • Automaticly marks all requests data with unique visitor id.
  • Collects data for new sites added.
  • Own your own data. Open interface to built-in database.
  • Easy, fast and all-inclusive Setup. Easy to try. No maintenance needed in production environment.
  • Fast, reliable industrial stength design.
  • All inclusive package with IIS modules, backup and support services, configuration and report web app front-end included in Setup.
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit Windows.


32 bit version Supports Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, Windows Vista. For IIS 7 and 7.5. 32 versions are supported. 64 bits version in separate download