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Windows This is a Community Contributed Download

CategoryManage, Develop
LicenseFree to try
Supported byEmail
Works WithIIS 6
DocumentationIISDefender Documentation
Updated onJanuary 4, 2010
Uploaded byrsloman


Block unwanted or undesirable requests based on IP address (including RBL lookups), ASN, reverse pointer, request method, url, querystring, cookies, form data, referer and many more options. Constantly in development, current release is


Blacklist IPs, including CIDR notation and RBL and ASN lookups

Deny requests for files matching regular expressions

Block user agents matching regular expressions

Limit the request methods supported

Only allow POSTs to specific files or extensions

and much, much more.



Helps reduce bandwidth and adds an extra layer of security. Allows filtering by regular expressions with more options that URLScan alone.