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Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onJanuary 14, 2009
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We believe you hate SPAM (especially if it was sent by your customer from your server and you are blacklisted), don't you? The IIS SMTP Monitor program (Windows service) is a tool for IIS 7 (and IIS 6) Pickup folder monitoring. Windows web hosting providers do need this tool to stop outgoing SPAM . If you allow to send mail with ASP or PHP scripts with CDONTS or CDOSYS, your web hosting clients are able to send SPAM from your servers anonymously. And then it gets very difficult to track it down and stop SPAM. As a result, your server is blacklisted and all your customers have problems now. To avoid this you should install IIS SMTP Monitor. If you have IIS SMTP Monitor installed, you can see the origin (the owner username) of outgoing SPAM messages sent by your customers. And you can find the website by its unique user name and STOP SPAM.


IIS SMTP Outgoing Queue Monitoring


Stop outgoing SPAM.


IIS 6, IIS 7