Runtime Page Optimizer (RPO)

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CategoryImprove Performance
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Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onApril 11, 2009
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RPO (Runtime Page Optimizer) is an IIS 6/7 webserver software component that increases performance of ASP.NET and SharePoint websites up to 200% or more. The RPO works at runtime (no code changes required) It applies three techniques: Compress + minify JavaScript and CSS files Combine multiple JavaScript, CSS and images into fewer files Caches optimized resources on the server and better client side caching - automatically caching images, JSS, CSS cached until they change on the server Results: performance improvements by reducing the effect of latency from slow networks and long distance


The RPO is an ASP.NET module, providing 9 optimization features in these three areas: 

  • Compression. Minifies and compresses JavaScript and CSS files. Optionally applies extra compression to JPGs
  • Combination. Combines multiple JavaScript and CSS files into single files
  • Creates CSS sprites of JPGs, GIFs and PNGs
  • Caching. Client: Automatically sets and manages EVT tags and far future expiry dates for all resources. Server: caches optimized resources in memory or on disk

Optimization can be applies on a single page, selected pages, across an entire site or in "stealth mode" - so pages are optimized only for an administrator while evaluating and tuning the optimization.


The benefits are:

  • Performance improvements 200% or more
  • Reduced network traffic


  • IIS 6 or IIS 7
  • ASP.NET 2.0 or SharePoint 2007
  • Intranet or Internet site
  • Single server or load balanced environment