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A lightweight IIS 6.0 Web Manager

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Works WithIIS 6
DocumentationA lightweight IIS 6.0 Web Manager Documentation
Updated onJune 17, 2008
Uploaded bySaurabh Singh


This Web Application is written in ASP.Net 2.0 to manage IIS 6.0 Websites. Using this tool a Web Admin can monitor his/her IIS Web Sites/Application pools from any where through the WEB.


Here are the features that it currently supports:

Application Pool related activities

· Recycle/Start/Stop Application Pool(s)

· Change Application Pool Identity.

· Check features like Application Pool Recycling options, Current state of an Application Pool and current Application Pool Identity.

· Enumerate an Application Pool to see the Web applications running under it.

Web Site related activities

· Start/Stop Web Site(s)

· Check features like current Web Site state, and some configuration related settings like Web Site physical path, Server Bindings, Secure Bindings, Authentication method, SSL access, Application Pool etc.


· At times the only way to recover from a problem is to restart IIS services. You can restart all IIS services like IISADMIN, SMTP and World Wide Web Publishing service from any where through this application.



Any time access to the IIS 6.0 Web sites /Application Pools from any where over the Internet.




· You need to have .Net Framework 2.0 installed on the IIS 6.0 web server.

· If AJAX-enabled version of this application is deployed, you need to have Microsoft ASP.Net 2.0 AJAX Extensions 1.0 installed on the server for it to work.

. The intended users for the web application are Web Administrators. Hence you should have Local admin privileges on the IIS server in order to access the site.