IIS Authentication plugin for Wordpress

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Works WithIIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onMarch 25, 2008
Uploaded bymvolo


The IIS Authentication plugin allows Wordpress to recognize IIS authentication methods, allowing the user to log in with an IIS authentication method such as Windows Authentication, Basic Authentication, or the ASP.NET forms authentication. The Wordpress blog engine would then recognize the IIS user and use it for things like writing posts, leaving comments, or performing blog administration.


- Replaces Wordpress' built-in authentication with any IIS authentication method, including Basic Authentication, Windows Authentication, Forms Authentication, etc.
- Supports third-party authentication schemes for IIS


Allows you to integrate Wordpress with an existing website by using the same authentication method.


IIS7 Integrated Pipeline is required for Forms Authentication and other ASP.NET authentication methods.

IIS5 or IIS6 can be used for IIS authentication methods, such as basic and windows authentication.