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Updated onApril 15, 2007
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AppcmdUI helps writing appcmd commands by providing available options at each step so that you only need to pick the option from the list.


§  Works with both “appcmd <object> <verb>” and “appcmd <verb> <object>” command styles.
§  Shows list of objects and verbs available. Builds auto complete list dynamically so that you see only few options.
§  Builds list of current application pools, sites, applications, virtual directories, backups, module, traces, worker processes and shows them as parameter values. Updates this list when “appcmd add/delete” commands are used.
§  Force update option for tool to pick latest configuration data when “appcmd set config” or other scripts/tools are used to add/delete apppools/sites/apps/vdirs.
§  Parses the schema and shows section names in commands which require section names. Custom defined sections are automatically picked.
§  When working with a particular section, shows list of attributes/elements/collections and helps you setting attributes and adding/removing collection elements.
§  Shows attributes, elements, collections in you can set using “appcmd set <apppool|site|app|vdir|module” commands.
§  Shows general appcmd parameters. Uses –parameter for general parameters rather than /parameter to show they are different.
§  Shows possible attributes when “appcmd –text:” used.
§  Can execute command and see the output in the same window.
§  Shows examples of commands you are working with which are in “appcmd <verb> <object> /?” help.
§  Supports auto complete and command execution even when piping commands together.
§  Limited support for identifiers. There is a corresponding /parameter option for most of the identifiers. Uses /parameter:value.


See features.


You can only use AppcmdUI on Windows Vista machines which has IIS7 and appcmd.exe installed. Also you need to run AppcmdUI.exe as elevated.