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ASP.NET Security Context Troubleshooter

Windows This is a Community Contributed Download

CategorySecure, Troubleshoot
Supported byEmail
Works WithIIS 5, IIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS 7
DocumentationASP.NET Security Context Troubleshooter Documentation
Updated onFebruary 7, 2007
Uploaded bydbaier


In IIS/ASP.NET you have to juggle with a lot of identities. Some are used for resource access, some for NTFS based authorization and some for role based authorization (some on Context.User, some on Thread.CurrentPrincipal). This test page shows all relevant information about the current security context and makes it easier to troubleshoot security context related problems.



  • shows authentication and impersonation settings
  • shows configured role and membership providers
  • shows configured trust level (well - for completeness only - you need full trust for this page to work correctly)
  • shows the IPrincipal/IIdentity types on Context.User and Thread.CurrentPrincipal
  • shows the name and authentication type on Context.User and Thread.CurrentPrincipal
  • shows the thread identity (when impersonation is enabled)
  • shows the IIS LogonUser identity (used by FileAuthorizationModule)
  • shows the client cert (and some embedded information like the UPN if available)
  • shows roles (for Windows-, Roles and GenericPrincipal)
  • allows to save an aggregated config.web (with all settings from machine.config down to the vdir)
  • can set a FormsAuthentication ticket to simulate authentication


Makes it easier to troubleshoot security context related problems.