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ASP.NET Chat Pro

Windows This is a Community Contributed Download

LicenseFree to try
Supported byEmail, Knowledge base, Forums
Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
DocumentationASP.NET Chat Pro Documentation
Updated onMarch 1, 2007
Uploaded bymgurevich


Totally customizable, fast advanced chat with no page refreshes has all general chat features and many sophisticated extras. Chat program that gets around firewalls and proxy servers. Private and moderated rooms. Private messages, Ignore, Kick, Ban from room or site. Abusive words, flooding control. Hyperlink aware. Pure ASP.NET and DHTML - no Java Applets or ActiveX. Out of the box comes with "General chat" and "Support Helpdesk" skin. Translatable to any language, comes with English, Spanish, French, Hebrew, German, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Turkish and Danish resource files. Chat server is easy to set up on your own site or at a third party hosting provider and you don't have to be an advanced network engineer to do that.


The chat is packed with features from general "private rooms" and "private messages" to more advanced "ban by name and/or IP" and "moderated chats".
NEW in this release - We added a "Helpdesk" skin with two separate web-based User Interfaces (one for support operators and one for site visitors); It allows you to easily add "Live Support" or "Support Helpdesk" functionality to your site, which will run off the same ASP.NET chat server engine.
Communication in ASP.NET Chat Pro is performed via DHTML on client side and ASP.NET on server side. To distinguish from other advanced & general chat programs, our chat server does not create a thread per connection, which yields for superior scalability and performance. All details of User Interface are fully customizable because UI only consists of static HTML and DHTML generated on client side.Our advanced chat program employs HTTP Tunneling that allows it to go through firewalls and work well with proxy servers.

   Moderated Discussions
 Chat supports "Moderated Rooms" feature. All the messages in a moderated room are passed through a moderator. A room can have speakers, moderators and regular user roles, each with their specific behavior.
    Private Rooms
 When a user creates a private room, no other user can enter it, unless they were invited by the room owner.
    Private Messages
 Also known as whisper. Allows sending a message to a single person only. No other user in the room will see the message.
    Ignore Function
 Allows ignoring annoying users in a chat room.
    Kick and Ban users by name or by IP address
 Chat Administrators, Site Administrators and Room Owners can kick users out of the chat. They can also apply ban on user’s name or IP address.
    Message font attributes and color
 Users can make their message bold italic and underlined and change colors of their messages.
    Abusive words filter
 Site Administrators can configure a list of words that must NOT appear in the chat. If a user sends a message containing an abusive word his message will be rejected.
    Hyperlink aware
 Turns certain text patterns, such as or into HTML hyper-links. The pattern for link conversion is configurable.
    Comprehensive Site and Server Administration Interface
 Site Administrators can manage all configurations settings of their site as well as rooms users and other options from one convenient location. Server Administrators can manage all the sites and many global chat server parameters.
    Canned Messages
 Pre-maid messages can be used by support operators to provide instant prompts or answers to common questions.


CustomizationCreate your own look and feel
    Fully customizable User Interface
 Because UI is implemented as a HTML page it can be easily modified in any HTML or Text Editor. As opposed to Java Applet, Platform-specific Applications or Flash solutions, where the developer of the application controls which attributes of the appearance could be customized, here you can change look and feel entirely by modifying HTML of the pages.
    Integration with existing Database
 If you would like to integrate chat with your existing user database just import chat tables and stored procedures into your DBMS and then change chat stored procedures to return data from your existing tables.
    SDK & Source Code available
 For advanced developers Software Development Kit is available that includes un-obfuscated client-side code (JavaScript files) and documentation which describes each communication message and internal plumbing of the application. Server-side source code (C# files) is also available at additional cost.
    Multilanguage support
 Easily modify the on-screen messages or switch to another natural language all together by modifying strings in existing recourses or creating new resource files.
    Character encoding
 Typed messages can use character sets with different encodings, displaying eastern European and other encoded sets properly.
ScalabilityWill fit any environment - Big or Small
    Multiple sites on one server
 One ASP.NET chat can run multiple independent chat sites. Each site will have its own set of rooms, users, settings and can have customized appearance.
    HTTP Tunneling to work through firewalls and proxy servers
 Chat works through standard HTTP protocol. There is no need to open any special ports on firewalls or configure proxy servers for the chat to work in corporate environment.
    NO ActiveX, Applets and such
 The client side of the chat works solely using DHTML. There are NO ActiveX controls, Java Applets, Flash objects or any other embedded active content to be downloaded by the clients – all they need to have is a modern web browser. This makes application more secure and usable on many different platforms, without worrying whether certain virtual machine, framework or platform is installed in a client machine.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and up Netscape 7.0 and up Opera 7.54 an up Mozilla and clones such as Firefox Mozilla and clones such as Firefox
    X-Copy installation

No setup executables to run. Just follow installation instructions to copy needed files to your virtual directory and configure the application. Great for installing at a shared hosting Internet Service Providers.

PerformanceYour application will run at top speed
    Very fast response time even on a slow connection
 Only relevant information is transferred between client browser and the chat sever and only when some action by either side is required, providing for superior performance. No frequent polling is involved.
    Highly optimized code
 The architecture of the server takes full advantage of multithreaded Microsoft ASP.NET environment and does not waist CPU cycles.
    Message Buffering
 Messages are bundled together, if possible, so save on unnecessary round trips.
Help & SupportWe are here to help
    User, Site Admin and Server Admin Help
 Several Documentation files exist for each type of users, accessible from within chat interface.
    Free e-mail support
 Pre and post-sale e-mail support is absolutely FREE. You may also contact us via the phone, but due to the volume of calls we ask you to reserve it for urgent situations only and use e-mail when it is possible.
    Free Upgrades for life
 Buy the product once and receive free upgrades to the same major version as long for as long as they keep on coming. We have a lot of new exciting features that we will add to application and you will not be left behind with the free upgrades.


IIS 6 / 7 .NET 1.1 / 2.0