IIS7 Native API (C++) Starter Kit

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Updated onMarch 19, 2010
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To extend the server, IIS7 provides a new (C++) native core server API, which replaces the ISAPI filter and extension API from previous IIS releases. The new API features object-oriented development with an intuitive object model, provides more control over request processing, and uses simpler design patterns to help you write robust code. NOTE: The IIS7 native (C++) server API is declared in the Platform SDK httpserv.h header file. You must obtain this SDK and register it with Visual Studio in order to compile this module.


This starter kit is offered to get you started with writing your new C++ HTTP module for IIS7.  In this package, you have the following: 

  • Readme to assist in setting up your Dev Environment
  • Walkthrough building a simple sample module


For many, using the ISAPI framework was difficult and error-prone after deployment.  In IIS7, this framework is still supported but is replaced by the new native HTTP API documented in the Windows Vista SDK (see httpserv.h) and provides robust extensibility capability for developers.

The new C++ API in IIS7 offers developers the the ability to tie direclty into the native core server using the module built using this starter kit.


This starter kit is only supported on the following operating systems (same as IIS7): 

  • Windows Vista
  • Longhorn Server Beta 2