IIS Stats for Vista Sidebar

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Works WithIIS 7
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Updated onJanuary 28, 2007
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This Windows Vista Sidebar gadget shows some interesting IIS Statistics, including total requests made to your Web server during the lifetime of the box, and the current requests per second. It also provides a handy launch point for IIS Manager - the IIS7 Administration tool.


-launches "IIS Manager" on click
-shows total "get" requests for your server since boot
-shows current requests per second (RPS) for all sites


This Sidebar gadget makes it easy to discover interesting information about the current status of your Web server, and provides a handy launch point for IIS Manager - the IIS7 admin tool.


-IIS7 must be installed 
-you must run Sidebar elevated, or disable UAC (not recommended)

Important note: to run sidebar elevated you must first close sidebar, then click start->all programs->accessories then "right click" on "Windows Sidebar" and choose "Run as Administrator".  This will enable the gadget to use the WMI scripting interface to get performance counter information to display in the gadget.  Doing this will cause Windows Sidebar, and all gadgets that are running, to have Administrators privledges.  This is not a good security practice, but unfortunately it is a requirement until the Sidebar team improves their APIs to provide greater access to performance information of the machine.