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What's New in IIS 8.5?

Enhanced Logging for IIS 8.5


Gary Ericson

In IIS 8.5, the administrator has the option of logging additional custom fields from request or response headers, or from server variables.

Dynamic Website Activation in IIS 8.5


Gary Ericson

In IIS 8.5, when there are a large number of configured sites (100 or greater, by default), the service will not activate any of the sites when the service is started.

Internet Information Services: What’s New in Window Server 2012 R2


Internet Information Services (IIS) 8.5 adds new features and functionality: Dynamic Website Activation, Idle Worker Page-Out, and Custom Logging, Event Logging in ETW (Event Tracing for Windows). Wade Hilmo, development lead on IIS at TechEd Europe discussed these features in "What’s New in Window Server 2012 R2," his presentation at TechEd Europe.

Certificate Rebind in IIS 8.5


Jim van de Erve

Automatically rebind a renewed certificate by using Certificate Rebind, new in IIS 8.5.